Forthesakeofthesong is a record label born and developed in the aftermath of another SXSW experience (2007). There the importance, impact and rapture of music becomes more apparent then ever. Infectious, honest, addictive music makes me feel indestructible. When music that is "just right" is made, magic happens.

Some, but sadly not many, albums are full of that magic from beginning to end. These albums contain no filler to skip. You have listened to these albums countless times and you always know what happens next - when that guitar comes in that makes you shiver and when the vocals hurt so good your heart skips a beat, but still, every time you hear one of these albums you end up surprised and amazed by it. Forthesakeofthesong will solely concentrate on releasing albums like that - stunning, solid records capable of becoming classics.

Latest releases from Forthesakeofthesong:

V/A - 'More Townes Van Zandt via the Great Unknown'
Lessons In Time - 'You Dance, and You Dance'
V/A - 'Introducing Townes Van Zandt via the Great Unknown'
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